The Iconography of the Birthday Sash

No matter who you are or what type of birthday celebrations you attend, most likely, the person celebrating their birthday is wearing some kind of piece resembling the celebration to signify the holiday. Whether it be something as little as a pin or crown all the way to the classic birthday sash, the staple piece that symbolizes the cherishment of the day for the birthday person is what fashionably enhances one’s birthday. 

When in thought, almost any kind of celebration includes some kind of fashionable piece or item of clothing in order to present the celebration of the event. I have chosen to talk about the birthday sash as recently, my friend who was having a birthday celebration was wearing a wide, silky, sleek one. As I noticed, I came to the realization that this item of clothing is highly prevalent in birthday fashion chic. Furthermore, I came to realize that this piece of clothing specifically is a highly feminized item of clothing in order to celebrate birthdays. While a considerable amount of men also wear a sash for their birthdays, there is a subculture associated with awarding the birthday girl a sash in order to exemplify the celebration at the party while also if to go out, convey the message to everyone around. This is key to what true fashion is intended to achieve, which is symbolization. Fashion and clothing come in hand to promote occasion, whether it be in a conservative manner or not. This is intended to create assimilation with the rest of the crowd at the event while also trying to strive for authenticity. For example, the ‘birthday sash’ can come in many sizes, colors, or designs. While reading this, try to think of how many birthday sashes you have come across in your time at birthday celebrations, I know I can think of quite a few. With this said, it’s always great seeing different designs and textures to these pieces as each promotes their own message and approach to the holliday. Critically thinking, those of us who care to analyze fashion forecasting and trends should analyze the mundane and frequent fashion patterns we see in our near to everyday lives such as the birthday sash.

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