Fall/Winter 2021 Shoe Guide

As we transition into winter,  this year’s staple shoes are becoming clear. While Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok have most of the outfit elements covered, shoes can be a little bit harder to reach a consensus on. So I have created a guide for every type of shoe you might reach for this season. 

SNEAKERS:  You can’t go without a good practical sneaker, but options are seemingly endless. A staple white shoe has correctly been deemed essential by social media, but I think a staple sneaker goes further than that. Last fall we were introduced to the 90’s dad shoe with the New Balance 993’s. But this year I think we are straying away from the dad shoe and instead are focusing more on subtle pops of color. New Balance still reigns over sneaker season, especially with the 550s. The shoe made a re-entrance after the Aime Leon Dore collaboration, which bolstered its newfound popularity. For a similar and less pricey option, the Adidas forums are also a popular choice. The pop of color stays true to trend  while the high top and velcro options add versatility. If you’re in the market for a new sneaker, try opting for one of these instead of the classic but tired Nike AF1s. 

BOOTS: arguably the most important shoes to buy for the winter and fall, a good  boot is the practical and necessary choice for the cold weather and the holidays. Going out in the fall and winter calls for a black leather boot. This year’s staple might just be a 70s inspired square toe platform black boot – Steve Madden’s “Klayton Black” being a perfect example. Of course, Doc Martens have their moment season after season, because their versatility is unmatched. A platform bootie is always something I can get behind. Outside the more traditional boots, however, this year we are leaning towards something a little different. Cowboy boots definitely made their mark this past fall, and I feel like they will continue to have a place throughout the winter and spring. Cowboy boots, albeit definitely unexpected, can easily add flare to any outfit.  

COMFORT: I want to bring Uggs back into the conversation. As early 2000’s clothing has re-taken the world by storm, it was only a matter of time before Uggs came back as well. Specifically, Ugg’s Mini boots are something I definitely see being a large part of 2021 Winter fashion. Maybe a less expected comeback is the Ugg Tasman Slipper. It’s comfort is unmatched, but the flexibility is something that makes it a staple. It can be your house slippers  or even your go-to shoe for grabbing coffee or going to class. 

Shoe selection makes or breaks your outfit. For the next pair you buy, be guided by the trends but also think about comfort, practicality, and what you know you will wear. 

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