Keeping it Casual: Making Loungewear a Statement

As the weather gets cooler, and the walks across campus begin to feel longer; the desire to be bundled up in your sweatpants and sweatshirts is at an all time high. But who says that you can’t be? You can look just as put together in your favorite pair of sweatpants as you would be in a pair of jeans and a nice top. Here are some tips that I hope can give some insight the next time you want to look cute but keep that same level of comfort you’d have lounging at home!

My latest fall obsession has been matching sets. A monochromatic look can take an outfit to a whole new level, including sweat sets! You’d be surprised what the difference of piecing a purple zip up with purple sweatpants in comparison to a white zip up with purple sweatpants. Although there’s nothing wrong with wearing different colored bottoms with your top, making the small alteration of pairing the same colors together can take your look up a notch. Realistically, you probably don’t have an overwhelming amount of matching sweatpants and sweatshirts living in your closet. But your sweatshirt and sweatpants don’t necessarily have to be the same color in its entirety in order to make it a matching set. Your sweatshirt can have designs or accents that incorporate the color of your sweatpants, or vice versa. Let’s face it, these matching sets being sold aren’t cheap. For many of us college students, it isn’t practical to consistently be purchasing 80 dollar hoodies. Luckily for us, we don’t have to! By simply switching out or adding different elements to your set, you can turn an overworn sweat set into a completely different look every time!

Accessories, accessories, accessories. I’m not just talking about rings and necklaces, though they do make any outfit look more elegant and put together! I’m also talking about articles of clothing such as hats and jackets. A matching sweat set alone is great and all, but accessorizing gives you more leeway in adding a personal touch. You can keep your look more casual by adding a puffer jacket in addition to the bonus extra warmth you’ll get. You can also get this effect by layering an oversized flannel, plus it doesn’t get more “fall” than a flannel. If you’re going for more of a dressed up look, adding a trench coat can transform what was initially a more casual outfit into a sophisticated one. Another way I enjoy accessorizing is adding hats. If it’s warm enough to hold off on an extra layer, your options don’t stop there. An easy way to spice up your sweatpants is by adding a hat! If the streetwear aesthetic is up your alley, adding a trucker hat to your look could be just enough to tie everything together. A baseball cap is also an alternative for those trying to achieve a slightly sporty-casual vibe. These are just a few examples of what layering pieces can be added to your loungewear, don’t be shy when it comes to layering. The next time you find yourself dreading the thought of putting on a pair of jeans, put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants instead. Jazz up your look with a piece of outerwear, some rings, and a hat if you’re feeling up for it! See what you already have in your closet and you would be surprised as to what you can come up with!

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