How To Elevate Your Fall 2021 Wardrobe

Anyone else struggling to find fashion inspiration this fall? Here is your guide to elevating your wardrobe for this fall season. Most of us feel comfortable walking around in oversized, warm sweaters and leggings, but this year your fall wardrobe is being tuned up a notch. To enhance your fall 2021 attire, try looking into some of these designs:

1. Matching Sweatsuits 

Instead of wearing your plain old sweatshirt, you got from a random gift shop, try wearing a matching sweatsuit. Matching sweatsuits are an amazing way to look put together and feel comfortable with minimal effort. Many brands create matching sweatsuit designs with graphics, such as Madhappy and Lonely Ghost. In addition, some brands produce sweatsuits without any graphics on them, such as Old Navy and Aritzia. Whether your sweatsuit has graphics or not, it is a fabulous addition to your fall wardrobe. Classic colors, such as grey, black, white, and brown, are perfect for dipping your toes into the world of matching sweatsuits. Since they are easy to wear, comfortable, and stylish, matching sweatsuits are the perfect stylish addition to your wardrobe. 

2. Shackets

Another staple in everyone’s closet is a classic flannel. However, this year we are trading in our flannels for shackets. Shacket is a term coined for a shirt-jacket. A shacket usually conveys that traditional flannel look while being warmer and more practical for the fall. Shackets are exceedingly versatile. For instance, they can be layered with a sweatshirt for a more cozy, comfy feel or they can be paired with a tight crop top to create a more fashionable, chic look. They can be found in numerous stores, but some of my favorite brands have been H&M, ASOS, and Free People.

3. Puffer Jackets 

While the puffer jacket trend has been circling for years, it has become increasingly stylish and less marshmallow-looking. We all know of the standard long puffer jackets that are too puffy and certainly make us look large, but what if I said the cropped puffer was resurfacing. Cropped puffers rose to popularity in the ’90s where we saw many celebrities, such as Princess Diana, Jennifer Aniston, and The Spice Girls, wear them religiously. Now cropped puffer jackets can be seen everywhere and are worn by lots of young models and influencers. Puffer jackets can be paired with tight pants or leggings to give contrast to the outfit. Some of my favorite puffers come from Target and Boohoo.

4. Blazers

Instead of wearing a boring, old black blazer to a business meeting or professional event, try wearing a slouchy, oversized blazer for all your fall activities. Blazers can be the perfect addition to any outfit. Blazers come in all designs and fabrics, but going with a classic, oversized leather one is the perfect choice for the cold weather and is remarkably stylish. Blazers are an exceptional piece for layering which is essential, especially for the transition into colder months. So don’t be afraid to rock a chic business casual outfit this year. A couple of blazer brands I have been obsessed with recently are Zara, Princess Polly, and Boohoo. Another great option to finding blazers is through thrifting. Thrift stores usually have a broad range of blazers in all different sizes, styles, and cuts. 

5. Chunky Boots

Let’s be honest, that ‘90s inspired chunky boot is coming back in style. We’ve seen this style everywhere and are officially obsessed. There are a few different kinds of chunky boots, but ones that will completely elevate your style are the high-heeled platform chunky boots. Brands such as Steve Madden, Naked Fox, and Dr. Martens are at the leading forefront of this trend and have excelled tremendously. These types of boots pair excellently with dresses, skirts, and pants. Chunky boots are usually comfortable and easy to add to any fall outfit. They are guaranteed to go great with anything in your closet. 

Well there you have it, your guide to elevating your fall 2021 wardrobe. As styles change and progress over the years, trends tend to come and go. This year we are seeing a mix of old styles and new styles. Even during those days where you don’t want to dress up, finding comfortable clothes that make you look put together is always a great way to look nice and put together. Therefore, this fall I intend to rock a comfortable, yet put together style that keeps me warm for these cold months ahead.  

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