2022 Fashion Trend Predictions

As 2021 comes to an end we approach a new year of fashion and are excited by the trends to come. This year we saw a rise in two trends that contrast each other completely, minimalism and maximalism. Both took over the industry and were the two main focal points this year. They allowed expression in different ways and different styles. As we are closing in on 2022, here are my top 3 trend predictions that I think will steal the show. 

Minimalism is here to stay! While it was a big focal point in 2021, the idea of capsule wardrobes and neutral colors is still growing. It is a timeless style and is an easily accessible trend. Not only is it simple to achieve but it also promotes sustainability in the industry. Trends that also reduce pollution and waste are here to stay for a while, as our concern for the environment increases.

Ballet-inspired fashion is taking center stage. Leotards, soft fabrics, ballet flats, and cardigans galore! There has been a rise in these pieces seen in street and runway fashion and it’s not the last we will see of them. Brands are starting to roll in these pieces that are perfect for achieving the “dancer-off-duty” look. Some brands that are perfect to achieve this style include Aritzia and Skims. It’s a delicate soft style that still makes a statement.

Fitted fashion is here. With the rise of fabrics like leather and nylon fitted styles are coming in hot! These silhouettes show off the shape of your body and celebrate everyone’s unique shape. They add a flirty element to outfits and are already growing in popularity. 

2022 holds a lot for fashion and I believe it will be an iconic year for expressing your own unique style. It’s a year to celebrate what makes you, you, so go out there and rock your best self!

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