What to Wear When: Blacksburg Diaries

I am a freshman here at Virginia Tech and I, like many other college students, go through a daily “I have nothing to wear” phase. This is normal with a new environment but it doesn’t have to be permanent. In my few months at Tech I’ve learned so much about college fashion and I’m here to share. 


In high school I’d wake up at 7 sharp and put on an ensemble I’d put together the night before and do my makeup and hair. Currently, I roll out of bed at 7:45 and throw on whatever clothes are closest to me and sprint across the drill field. I’ve found my new class outfits tend to be a lot less cute and much more comfortable. My previous system is now foreign to me and if comfort is your main prerogative here are a few outfits that are cozy and cute.


Whether you want a day out with friends, shopping, or a slice of pizza, downtown Blacksburg is the place for you. I like to look at downtown as a chance to dress up and take photos and I use my downtown fits as a chance to show off my personal style. Here are some of my favorite photo ready fits. 


Hiking is a great way to see beautiful scenery and get a good workout and images of the Cascades grace the Instagrams of hot girls everywhere. So for your photo op and workout combo here are some fashionable Cascades ensembles. 

Formals/Date Party

Going to a formal is nerve racking enough without the added stress of finding the perfect dress. Of course this one can vary based on theme, but here are a couple examples of formal dresses so you don’t have to panic.


Whether it’s a Pamplin convention or an interview, professional attire is a must have in college. When dressing professional try to have any tattoos covered up with either a blazer or longer pants and if decided to wear a skirt try to make sure stockings are on. Here are a few examples of professional clothing that’ll impress any employer. 

A Night Out

It’s a Saturday night in Blacksburg and it’s time to party. What do you wear? Well jeans and a cute top are my go to but it can vary. Here’s what I’d wear to paint the town red

A beautiful thing about humans is that everyone is different. These outfits are here to kick start your fits but of course dress in the way that makes you feel the best. Fashion is a way to show others a window into your personality so keep this in mind when wondering what to wear.

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