Holiday Gift Guide: Fashion Edition

The holidays are right around the corner and you know what that means, it’s time to go gift shopping. Naturally, you want to give meaningful gifts to show your appreciation for the people that you love; but it can get a little tricky. Everyone has varying interests, wants, and needs; which can make things feel overwhelming at first, but ultimately is the key in figuring out their perfect gift. Once you isolate their interests then proceed to think about what they may already have, it makes it much easier to come up with gift ideas. For the fashionista friend, your classic material girl, it’s easy to get stumped when coming up with gift ideas. I hope that this holiday gift guide can shed some light on potential gifts to give to that stylish friend in your life. 

Gift idea #1: Hats

A cute trucker or baseball hat can make for the perfect gift for someone who loves to accessorize, or is just getting into it. They already have a hat collection? Try to look for a hat shape or design that’s unique to the ones they already have. As a hat collector myself, you can never have too many and another cute addition to the collection would be greatly appreciated. 

Gift idea #2: Phone case/Phone charm

A phone case usually isn’t a prioritized purchase for most people. If anything we end up finding ourselves with the same phone case on for months because let’s be honest, we’d all rather spend our money on a cute top or pair of pants. It’s a practical gift that can switch things up a bit for whoever you’re getting the gift for. If not a phone case, a phone charm can spice up any phone and adds a personalized touch. They’ve been all the rage recently, and I know for a fact that any friend would love to find themselves with one. 

Gift idea #3: Bags

The last gift idea that is honestly so versatile, is a bag. This could include anything from a purse to a tote bag. There are so many different designs, shapes, and materials, it would be impossible not to find something for that fashionable friend. For most, just like phone cases or charms, it’s not something we typically think to buy for ourselves but are useful to have on hand. 

Gift idea #4: Room decor

When shopping for that fashionable friend, your options don’t stop at just clothes and accessories. You can spice up their rooms by gifting them room decor. Sunset lamps can give off a comfy and embracing ambience while adding a subtle pop of color throughout the room. Decorative hardcover books are also a good idea for nightstands or really any empty table space. Having a cute and stylish room is important in the sense of having a space you can call your own. Your room should be a visual representation of your interests and your personality as a whole, so giving room decor as a gift can be a great personal gift. 

Gift idea #5: Jewelry

Jewelry is and always be a safe gift idea option, especially for a friend that has an interest in fashion. You’d be surprised at what the difference of stacking jewelry can make on someone’s look. Whether it be rings, a waist chain, necklaces, bracelets, earrings; the options are endless. It’s guaranteed to be a gift that your loved one will cherish.

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