Outerwear Must-haves for this Winter

Having the right jacket for the winter is crucial. During the colder months your coat is the focal point of your outfit, so it is so important to make sure your outerwear for this season is carefully selected. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your go-to coats for this winter: price, practicality, and style. Jackets are not small purchases either, so it is important that you spend time thinking about what you want and what will be the best addition to your wardrobe. Let’s cut right to the chase and discuss what outerwear YOU need this winter. 

PUFFERS: THE essential piece. Absolutely nothing compares to a solid puffer. They are warm, cute, and reliable. Plus their versatility is unmatched: you can wear it long, cropped, vest, or just the basic styled puffer. I think these jackets are the most necessary for winter because they are extremely on trend while being the most practical. The only downside is that these jackets are usually on the pricier end, but I definitely feel like the purchase is worth it. The North Face 700 is an example of a great staple puffer. It comes in so many different colors and styles, while also being super warm. Also on the pricier end is the Aritzia Supper Puff. While being comparable to the North face in price and practicality, the Supper Puff offers its own appeal. Your outerwear is elevated with a multitude of customizing options. Puffers offered in matte, hi-gloss, or liquid shine all with numerous color choices too. And if you can’t bring yourself to spend that much on a clothing item, don’t be discouraged. Stores like Zara and H&M offer these coats at a much lower price, while still maintaining the warmth and style of the puffers mentioned above.

LEATHER: This season’s must have and the 90s fashion classic. Having a good leather jacket this winter is crucial. Whether its a bomber, blazer, or shirt-jacket you can’t go wrong. Leather is such an essential for the winter, not only because it is trendy, but also because of how easy it is to layer and style. I find that the place to shop for a leather jacket is at second-hand stores. I love browsing on Depop and Thredup and if you’re lucky enough to find one, thrift stores are always a go-to. Paired with anything, a leather jacket elevates every outfit. Over a hoodie or with your favorite slip dress this is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

The colder months are usually seen as a drag because all you want to do is bundle up in your favorite hoodie and sweats, but I think that in terms of fashion it’s the best time of year. The colder weather allows you to add so much more dimension to your outfits through layering; forcing you to explore your own taste and experiment with your closet. This definitely trumps the summer where it is so easy to feel inclined to leave it at just a tank top and shorts in an attempt to beat the heat. You also can tap into your creative side, whether that means pilling up the cold-weather accessories or mix-matching your basics. And at the end of the day, no matter what you wear, it all can be tied together by the perfect coat.

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