The Trends of 2021

As the year 2021 comes to an end, Let’s touch base on some of the biggest trends of 2021. From the revival of Y2K to thrifting. 2021 seemed to be the year where people all over the world were expanding and evolving their looks and clothing pieces!

One big trend of 2021 are platform shoes. The popular staple piece seemed to be the chunky Doc Marten Platforms. Girls everywhere seem to be styling it with mom jeans or even skirts. Now, other companies have begun to add platform heels to their shoes including Converse and Uggs. Uggs have also seemed to make a revival with everyone wearing Ugg slippers or the newly released Mini Uggs. 

Another trend I’ve seen in this cold weather is puffer jackets. Everyone has seemed to take a liking in oversized puffer jackets and a popular piece is the Aritzia Super Puff Jacket. Along with the cold weather, girls have also begun to wear oversized white button ups with a sweater vest over it. This style has been seen to be styled with knee length boots as well. 

People all over the world have also started to rummage through their parent’s old closet to find Y2K pieces of clothing. These pieces include low waisted jeans coming back into play. Flared jeans have also been popular with many people wearing them. Another trend is the baby tees with huge brands like Brandy Melville selling them. Brandy Melville is also known for their skirts and pleated skirts have been seen to be popular and girls are usually wearing it with platform Doc Martens! Track suits have also been getting popular with brands such as Juicy Couture starting to rerelease the tracksuits. 

Now let’s talk about hair! One big hair trend was layers. Girls are constantly starting to add more and more layers into their hair and then using the popular Revlon blow dryer to give the infamous blowout look. Another trend was adding bleach pieces to the two front pieces of your hair which was seen all over Tik Tok. Another Y2K trend was butterfly clips coming back. Stores like Urban Outfitters have started selling butterfly clips and girls have clipped them all over their hair. I have also seen the revival of chunky blonde highlights coming back rather than the usual highlights or babylights.

For accessories, tiny bags seem to become growingly popular. A great deal of people are seen to be wearing small shoulder bags that replicate the Prada Nylon Bag. Micro bags have also been worn mainly for aesthetic purposes since not much can be fit inside besides keys or chapsticks. For jewelry, chunky gold hoops have seemingly always been the go-to. Creators and influencers have also been seen wearing chunky resin earrings that have bright flashing colors. 

The year 2021 has been filled with an abundance of trends. It will be exciting to see what new trends come in the upcoming year and if any trend will end up staying behind in 2021. Trends seem to be something that constantly comes in and out throughout the years and I am curious to see if any old trends from the past will make a comeback!

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