Dressing for Occasion

For me, styling myself for occasion gives me enhanced purpose and confidence at whatever event it may be. The issue that clashes with my beliefs of fashion in this situation is the practicality of this virtue. Considering I may wear multiple outfits a day to assimilate with my environment/event, this contradicts my values of fashion being simplistic and sleek and specifically, one good outfit throughout the whole day may be the only thing you need throughout it. In addition though, if I have the time to change into a different outfit in order to establish a sense of comfort and confidence, I will do so. It all comes down to efficiency. If I can style multiple outfits/looks for one day, perfect, but a forced effort to do so is where one might draw the line. My goal day to day is to feel my best in any kind of expression I may present myself in, whether it be in fashion or not, and if this becomes a craft of forced effort, what are you really accomplishing at the end of the day? There’s iconography that comes from dressing for occasion but doing so, one should combine methodical and stylistic approach in order to create a great look. For example, I travelled to New York over break and throughout my days there, my friends and I did multiple activities within different settings. Knowing this, I tried to plan multiple outfits daily for this trip. This unfortunately fell through to the ground, even though I looked at this as an opportunity to have more options for styling myself for other days. The point being, I came to the conclusion that one can’t force self expression even if where performed is independent from the outfit worn. It wasn’t practical for me to go back to the hotel to change my outfit to then travel uptown to a museum when what I was already wearing was a piece of artistic pursuit I was pleased to start with. If I have the opportunity to change my outfit I’ll be the first to hopefully change into something more suiting for my setting but I hope to stray from this conditioned mentality I have retained that wearing one outfit is only one form of identity throughout a whole day when expression is fashion yet so much more.

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