Is Renting Your Clothing The New Trend?

Personally, shopping is one of my favorite activities. Whether I am happy or sad or even stressed, retail therapy always seems to cure my symptoms. Over the past couple of years, especially with COVID-19, online shopping has been a new staple for many of us. Online shopping has made it increasingly easy and convenient to buy clothing and accessories without even leaving the house. While purchasing clothing is still essential for many people, renting clothing and accessories online has been a popular alternative. Recently, I came across a website that allows you to rent different clothing items and accessories for a certain amount of time and then return them when that amount of time has expired. This website is called Rent the Runway. 

Rent the Runway is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to rent items for a discounted price. You can become a member or be a one-time renter. There are multiple membership package options available that include: four items per month for $89 a month, eight items per month for $135 a month, 12 items per month for $174, and 16 items per month for $199 a month. In addition, if you are a member and rent clothing or accessories you can return it or trade it in at any time. If you are a one-time renter you will be given a return date to send the clothes back. Rent the Runway offers many different types of clothing, such as tops, dresses, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, and more. Everything available to rent is a designer brand without the designer price tag.  

Renting your clothes is a great option if you have an event to go to or need an outfit for a specific occasion. Personally, there have been many times where I bought dresses or extremely formal clothing that I only wore once that sits in my closet collecting dust. Therefore, if you are anything like me, renting your clothes may be a good option. Renting your clothing has many advantages and benefits. Renting gives you the ultimate fashion freedom. You can explore and try many different styles, patterns, and designs without having to pay a large sum of money. Since your style is always evolving, renting your clothes can allow you to constantly change and rotate what is in your closet. Renting clothing and accessories is also extremely sustainable. Most of the clothes that enter sites, such as Rent the Runway, would have ended up in landfills and would most likely have contributed to pollution and environmental damage.  

I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical about renting clothes online rather than just buying them. However, after much consideration and debate, I think that renting clothing and accessories could be a great idea. Think about it. Most of us are constantly shopping. Whether we want to fit in with a new trend or simply just want some new clothes, people tend to go shopping at least once a month. People are beginning to see renting as an alternative to shopping since the membership packages cost less than most of my shopping sprees. Therefore, renting could be the solution to my ongoing lack-of-money situation. In all seriousness, renting clothing and accessories online is extremely convenient, sustainable, and cost-friendly. I feel that this could be a great way to elevate your style without breaking the bank. 

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