I Love You a Bra-LOT-te: One Bralette, Three Ways for Valentine’s Day

There’s nowhere I’d rather be this year on the inevitable February the 14th than at the VT men’s basketball game vs. UVA, hopefully celebrating a great victory against our biggest rival. But no matter the outcome, it’s better than sitting alone in my dorm only getting serotonin from long, romantic walks to the mini fridge that sits maybe 10ft from my desk. However, if you happen to have caught the looove bug and have a cute date planned, I’m here to give you some outfit inspiration. I just know you all have an old bralette from 2010 stored somewhere in your closet, and now’s finally the time to pull it back out. Here are three different outfit ideas using a simple bralette for a fun Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) night out. For each combo I’ve provided a general concept followed by “Mae’s Pick” (aka how I personally would style that look)…

❤ Paired with a Skirt

Concept: One easy way to style a bralette is by wearing it as if it’s just a crop top, with a skirt on the bottom. Literally any shape, style and length of skirt would be gorgeous with your look. If you own a skirt, then your Valentine’s Day outfit is already planned. This fit is really easy to pair with any shoes/accessories as well. And if you’re not a skirt person, you could also try wearing the bralette top with leather pants (a recently in-style staple). Both of these options really make the basic bralette look elegant!

Mae’s Pick:

  • Black, lacey bralette
  • Black leather skirt
  • Black leather jacket
  • Black, sheer tights
  • Red, platform, lace up heels
  • Red, dangling earrings

❤ Under a Jumpsuit

Concept: While Valentine’s Day is deemed a ‘fancy’ occasion, there are also ways to dress it down a little bit. Wearing a cozy jumpsuit of any fabric (or even overalls) with the lacey bralette sticking out is an easy way to look put together without actually putting in a lot of effort. As long as the colors go together, there is no way you can mess up this fit. It looks nice and clean while still feeling comfortable and free. I would definitely match the shoes you wear to the color of the bralette to make sure the color pops enough.

Mae’s Pick

  • White overalls with one strap undone
  • Pink, lacey bralette
  • Matching pink converse (this is my dream)
  • Black or white turtleneck layered under if it’s too cold                                              
  • Lots of chunky rings (gold, pink, red)

❤ Denim on Denim

Concept: No matter what color your bralette is, denim on denim matches. This look is sleek (if done right), allowing the fanciness of your top to really pop. It’s giving me a vintage, 90s vibe which, in my opinion, is adorable. And you can totally dress it up more with the addition of jewelry. The accessories can really be made into the ‘statement pieces’ of this outfit if you want. One thing I’d suggest is putting a belt on the outside of the jacket to give your waist a more snatched look.

Mae’s Pick:

  • Light wash, oversized denim jacket
  • Light wash, high rise, baggy fit jeans
  • Red, lacey bralette
  • Black belt clasped around the waist with a gold buckle
  • Gold, dangling earrings
  • Black loafers with a gold buckle

I would love to style these outfits myself, but my only “Valentine” this year is my dog…who unfortunately is not allowed to live in my dorm with me. (What’s up with that, anyway?) So, this year, I will be rocking a VT jersey at the game with some matching sweatpants. Who doesn’t love being cozy AND spirited? All in all, whatever you decide to wear, Valentine’s Day is truly about love; something we could all use a little more of these days. Especially after recent events, it is vital to stay positive and spread kindness to a hurting community and everyone around you. If you’re reading this, know that you are loved and you matter so much, no matter what your plans are this February 14th. Wear what you want, do what you want. And make sure that as you’re serving looks that evening, you’re also serving love. Stylish or not, hug a Hokie extra tight this holiday.

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