My Unconditional Love for Fashion

Taylor Tutt

Expressing myself has always been a challenge. A challenge I’ve been working to conquer since I was young. I have tried a multitude of creative things from cosmetics, performing in school plays, dancing, photography, and more. Through each thing I attempted, I always seemed to hold back a part of myself that I was too afraid to show to the world. Too frightened to be different. Too shy to be vulnerable. Nothing was working and I felt like a failure not being able to open up to the world and say “Hey everybody this is me!” Pretty soon I stopped trying and assumed that I would be destined to a life behind the scenes, always in the background and never special enough to be recognized in any way other than just normal. That is, until I discovered fashion. 

All of us love fashion in some way shape or form. It allows to show the world who we are and what we aim to accomplish that day or even the person we strive to be. I personally love fashion for that perpetual confidence it has given me. I am a firm believer in the concept of “look good, feel good”. I love how fashion is its own language. It speaks to the outside world, demands attention, and forms its own dialogue between a society containing its own unique form of communication. In fact, fashion doesn’t necessarily even have to be you. It can be a fantasy, a dream version of yourself, it can tell a story and can be used as entertainment or simply as a piece of art. Fashion can essentially be used in any way you want. That being said, fashion is commonly the underdog of art. Often overlooked and viewed as materialistic and unimportant to life and our society. On the contrary, fashion is culture. Fashion is history. Fashion is expression. Fashion is who we are. We have grown to love the beauty of fashion because we can see ourselves in that beauty. 

I found my success story of individualization within fashion. Not only that, but I found myself through fashion. I found who I want to be and how I can share that person in a way that makes me the most comfortable and confident. It is what I have been searching for my entire life and now it has come to be something I hold an unconditional amount of love for in my heart. 

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