Flirty Fits for Your Love Day Date

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and a major part of this romantic day is the fit that will make you feel the most confident when out on a date. Whether you go out with your lover or your gal pals, here are three ideas for a night out on V-Day.

Sultry Lace

Lingerie inspired outfits have been a hot trend for a while now and what day is more perfect for these seductive pieces. Some popular options that you can wear for a date with your valentine includes silky slip dresses and lacy bodysuits. Dress these pieces up or down, wearing trendy sneakers for a more casual look or some strappy heels for a classy, dressed up option. This sultry style will have you feeling like your best self all day long.

Flirtations Frills

If more playful looks are more your style, than frills are the way to go. They add a structured yet playful element to any look and can be enhanced with just a couple accessories. Frilled rompers and skirts are a common piece that can be found at any store. Throw on dainty jewelry pieces to add a clean look to these fun pieces, or just embrace the bounce provided by your ruffles. 

V-Day Shades

What day could possibly be better than today to embrace the shades of love. Pinks, reds, and purple are all great options to add a pop of color to your date night fit. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to get dressed in the heavenly color combination that is hot pink and red. These vibrant shades will add a fun and lively element to this love filled evening.

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