Trend Alert: Euphoria Edition

As we all probably know, season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria is out which means this winter’s lookbook is too. From makeup to nails to actual pieces, season 2 of Euphoria is shaking up the fashion industry. 


Euphoria is known for their dramatic makeup looks which usually feature colorful eyes and glitter. Although this season still plays with glitter and color, as seen in Maddie’s party look in episode 1, season two prominently features eyeliner. Jules’s look is now equipped with abstract eyeliner of varying colors and Maddie’s eye always features a dramatic wing. Even Cassie with her more subtle style is seen with a small wing or a tight line. 


With the amount of hand shots this season viewers can get a clear view of today’s hottest nail trends. Most prominent, we see Cassie with a nude sparkly set. From the almond shape to the gems down the center, this set will give me nail inspo for the next year. Moreover, we see Kat with a seventies print french manicure and Maddie with a gold chrome set. 


This season’s outfits have stayed true to usual Euphoria grandeur but better represent today’s trends than last season. Jules traded her plaid skirts for denim minis and Kat’s graphic tees have been exchanged for 70s prints. 

Here to stay from the first season however, is Maddie’s cutout sets. From the hallway to a New Years party, Maddie remains I.AM.GIAs number one customer in season 2. 

A notable part of this season’s fashion is the switch to designer brands. The outfits from the first season featured brands like Urban Outfitters and Unif whereas now, Lexi rocks hand crafted Mui Mui and Maddie wears saddle bags to school. This switch represents a change in accessibility of fashion and furthers the gap between the stars and the viewers. However, there are token pieces many viewers can access such as Cassie’s bathing suit from Frankie’s bikinis and Maddie’s bureau from Nordstrom. 

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