Fashion Week: Trend Forecasting or Following?

As you all may know, fashion week is coming right around the corner and houses from biggest to smallest are, per usual, getting all their looks and lines curated. While so much effort goes into every dimension of creating a vision for a single model, all the way to a whole campaign or line, where does a lot of this information come from? Big designers such as Rick Owens or Vivienne Westwood wouldn’t have the platform that they have now if it weren’t from pure creativity and talent expressed into the engineering of a unique vision. Besides, fashion houses such as these continue to uphold the best quality and genuineness of them all because of how much effort and care goes into each look, but how much of this comes from inspiration or their own vision. Sure, you can have a fusion of both, this is why designers travel and take notes on new thresholds and environments embarked upon but how much of it is unfairly utilized? We have fashion trends such as street wear that originate from styling in lower socio economic neighborhoods that are now upheld and glamorized for a new found, more casual chic. We even unfortunately have seen to the extent of cultural appropriation through clothing as well but where can we draw the line towards extremities like these and simple, innocent thought? After all, practically an arsenal goes into the creation of each line and discussing it’s vision but how genuine can a look be if it has to be looked over by a myriad amount of people or if this was envisioned based on more vulnerable communities of people’s creativity? At the end of the day, we have to remember that so many high end designers look upon smaller ones for inspiration, whether recognized or not through pinterest boards, instagram, and other forms of social media. Because of this, I redraw the question of if fashion week can continue to promote pure genuineness and creativity or if the unfortunately recurring topic of “trend recycling” and “fast fashion” continues to ring in our ears. With no doubt I am always over the moon watching the shows themselves but I continue to inquire as a strong fashion enthusiast and connoisseur if what I’m watching can continue to core-shock.

10 Big Questions About Fashion Week, Answered | GQ

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