Spring Break: What’s Making or Breaking Your Closet?

The countdown officially starts. T-3 weeks until spring break. Whether you’re planning on going on vacation or simply staying home, it’s finally time for warm weather, tan skin, sun, and some much needed respite from school for everyone. Nonetheless, the urge to revamp your entire closet in preparation for the change in seasons is very real. It can be so exciting shopping online and envisioning yourself in these different vacation outfits for dinner, brunch, the beach, etc; where do you even begin? As someone who’s guilty of having a shopping and fashion addiction, hopefully I can shed some light on what you might want to pack in your suitcase and what you might want to leave out.

Matching sets: Make. Make. Make. Matching sets are a convenient way to make you look put-together, without the stress and hassle of having to coordinate an outfit yourself. They also provide versatility, just swap out the bottoms for another pair of pants or skirt and you have a whole new outfit. By doing this, you can dress the pieces up or down depending on the occasion and ultimately have a lot of control over what kind of vibe you want to give. This can lighten the load of your suitcase a ton and if anything, elevate your look as a whole. 

One-shoulder tops: One shoulder tops had their moment, but maybe set it aside this spring break. But in my experience, this trend has been slightly overdone and in my opinion can overpower the outfit you’re wearing it with. If done right, it can be a look. And that goes for any piece of clothing! If an article of clothing is representative of your interests and style, you should wear it regardless of it’s not considered “in”.

Colorful heels: A must have for spring and summer! A pop of color in your shoes can go a long way for any outfit. Take a white dress for example, a stylish pair of pink heels would make your look all the more interesting. If you’re feeling up to it, a colorful heel could make a statement if paired with another bright color; like a pink dress with orange heels. Get creative with it, and wear your outfit with confidence! Nothing screams spring like a colorful outfit does. 

Snake-skin bathing suits: Similar to the one shoulder tops, the snake printed bathings suits were cute at one point but has been overdone. I think if you’re particular about the snake skin printed suits you’re getting, it can of course be a cool look. Just be vigilant about the color and the print itself and you’ll be set! I think any trend can be worn and look good if you choose carefully and coordinate your outfit, but it can be a little tricky with snake skin print anything.

Cut-out one pieces: Bathing suits are probably the first things you look for when you have a sunny vacation booked. A trend that I’ve been obsessed with is cutout one pieces. It’s a fun spin on a normal one piece or bikini, and again just another way to elevate what may be a more plain look. Though I do love my regular bikinis, I will personally be taking this trend and running with it this spring break!

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