The Influence of TikTok on the Fashion Industry

It’s no secret that TikTok has been one of the most popular social media sites over the last few years. With it only growing in popularity, it allows for anyone to have a chance to say what they want to say or post what they want to post. This app has many different subgenres of videos, one of the biggest being Fashion. Having over 1 billion users, creators have the opportunity to be very influential with what they post because there is a chance that hundreds, even thousands of people could see it.

One of my favorite creators on the fashion side of TikTok, and definitely one of the more popular ones, is Carla Rockmore (@carlarockmore). With many of her videos getting hundreds of thousands of views, she has acquired over seven hundred thousand followers, expressing her vast knowledge of fashion color theory, as well as being extremely well versed in creating outfits with items that you never would expect to see together. Rockmore does an excellent job at explaining why her pieces work together so well, along with teaching her viewers how to do this for themselves.

While Carla definitely plays a major role in the education of fashion, many creators are able to show off their talents of designing, as well as their unique eye for styling. Take Wisdom Kaye for example (@wisdm8). He began his TikTok career by showing off outfits that he had put together, and quickly gained a following for this. His rise came during the beginning of Covid, which also resulted with many people joining the app due to having nothing else to do. Wisdom eventually gained 7.4 million followers, and he is still growing. Because of his incredible talent in the fashion world, he was able to sign with IMG Models, as well as working with companies like Dior and Balmain.

There are many more creators that make videos simply putting outfits together that have become so popular that they are now able to have TikTok as their primary form of income and their only job. Creators like Hannah Harrell (@hannahharrell) are well known for just showing their daily outfits, which results in teaching the art of Layering. Layering is one of the biggest trends going on right now, and it is perfect for winter coming, especially here in Blacksburg. With many of us not owning appropriate winter coats, layering is definitely the best option. TikTok has thousands of videos explaining the dos and don’ts of layering, along with explaining the most fashionable options for the current trends. Most creators will explain or show that wearing a thin long sleeve top under a thicker material like a sweater, and then adding a jacket can be one of the best ways to stay warm without compromising your appearance by throwing on a bulky coat.

One of the best aspects of TikTok, though, is the ability it gives everyone on it to express their talent and their passions freely. Anyone can post what they want, and there is always a chance for it to go viral and possibly change their life. If you take Wisdom Kaye for example, you’ll see that all he had to do was post and show the world how talented he truly is, and now he is doing incredible things, and even had the opportunity to be a judge on the incredibly successful television show, Project Runway. For a while, TikTok had been taken as almost a joke, and no one looked at creators and influencers seriously. However, with the changing times, companies, designers, and true celebrities are beginning to recognize TikTok as an actual market and as a real form of media and entertainment.

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