Not Staying In? Make Your Jeans Stand Out!

Trends come and go, but jeans remain a classic piece that ‘goes with everything.’ They’re simple, versatile. The most basic of the basic. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with them. I feel like the most common ways to try to change-up your look with jeans is by adding a regular belt or cuffing the bottoms, but I always like to try out new methods. If you, too, want to make your denim more dynamic, then you’re in the right place!

Tuck Tuck and Away

The amount of times I’ve worn the same jeans with the same combat boots this year is too many to count. I see it a lot around campus as well. So if you rock this combo too, a really simple way to elevate your jeans without adding any additional items is by tucking the bottom of the pants into the back of the boots. This takes almost no time, simply allowing for the whole back and side of the shoe to be seen-areas that are usually covered by pants during these colder months. This technique is pretty simple, but makes any look a little more interesting.

Two-Fold Fun

One bandana, two ways. Adding color to denim is always a good idea. Using a bandana as that color is something foreign to me that I’m dying to try out soon. I know that I have a ton of random ones laying around somewhere from school spirit days, class pep rallies, and other miscellaneous events, so I can’t wait to put them to use again. This small piece of fabric makes any look cuter by either tucking it in the pocket, or tying it around your thigh. Not only are they a sweet addition of color, but the pattern on them adds a subtle bit of depth too.

“Below the Belt”

Boxers. Unlike the phrase above may make it seem, this next idea is referencing the briefs, not the athlete. This idea specifically applies in warmer temperatures where you may often be pairing your jeans with crop tops. Wearing a colored pair of boxers under your jeans-that either match the color of your top or stand out as an accent color-is another way to utilize color while decorating your fit. Unless your jeans are super high waisted, the waistband sticking out is a good abstract pop from the denim. 


The name “necklace” is totally deceiving you if you only ever wear them around your neck. I’ve recently discovered the concept of wearing necklaces as chains, hanging from two of your belt loops. Attach the clasps through two of the loops and let them hang down the side of your jeans. I especially love layering different types of necklaces at different lengths (ex: a gold chain and a pearl necklace). This not only adds more dimension to your pants, but also gives you more uses for the jewelry you already own!

I’m not gonna keep holding you up by going on and on about denim, but I hope something I said did inspire you. Have fun and get styling!

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