The Best Bikini Brands for Your Spring Break!

Looking for the perfect bikini for your escape to the warmth this spring break. Here is a guide to all the best places to get the trendiest bikinis!

The best quality: Frankie’s Bikinis

Frankie’s Bikinis have been one of the leading companies for bathing suits for a while now, and it makes sense. Although the price is pretty step you are really paying for the high quality. The company’s founder is native to Malibu, so when it comes to the best bikinis, she sure is the one to trust. Another plus for Frankie’s is that the top and bottom are sold separately, so you can find the perfect size for each piece.

The best styles: Blackbough Swim

Blackbough swim is the way to go for the trendiest bikinis. They constantly set the standard for what’s the go to style of the season. They triple line all there bathing suits giving it a thick, dependable, and durable feel. A huge bonus is the company’s efforts at sustainability. They reduce fabric waste by creating scrunchies and small accessory with and scraps to avoid them going in landfills, as well as switching to an ecofriendly packaging. Blackbough is the way to go.

The best price: Shein

Now if price is your biggest concern and you’re trying to look good on a budget, then Shein is the place for you. Although it isn’t the most ecofriendly or ethical option, you can’t deny that their prices are very appealing. For an average of $12 you can get a bottom and top. You may be risking not so great quality or awkward fit, but these bikinis are always trendy and a great go to for when you’re beaching on a budget.

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