2000s Fashion in Film

Most of my childhood memories involve an Amanda Bynes movie. Because of this, as a young girl, I could already see my future. My adulthood would feature low rise jeans and tops that were cropped right above them. I would wear halters and drive a yellow buggy with flower decals all over the sides and wheels. As the years progressed however, my dreams of being Viola Johnson were slowly crushed. Low rise jeans were exchanged for high waist and my beloved bootcut was replaced with wide leg. Recently though, with the reemergence of 2000s trends, I can finally live out my childhood dreams and I turn to my favorite 2000s films for inspiration.

You cannot talk about 2000s fashion movies without mentioning The Devil Wears Prada. The Devil Wears Prada features some of the most prolific high fashion trends of the 2000s. From Fendi, to Dior, to Rick Owens, these ensembles will break the bank in the most stylish way possible. If you want to get a job at Runway, the biggest fashion magazine of 2006, I’d recommend statement necklaces (but only from Chanel) and a neutral palette. One of my favorite fits from the film is shown in Andie’s makeover sequence where she throws on a pair of boots so long they resemble pants, a look Kim Kardashian rocked just last year. 

I’d like to think that watching Mean Girls changed my life for the better. Little me took mental notes of every Juicy jacket and micro skirt in preparation for high school. The pastels and kitty heels blew my entire mind and I now own graphic tees similar to those featured in the film. If you too want to look like the Regina George of 2022 just throw on some fetch shoulder bags, pink pumps, and of course always wear pink on Wednesdays.

Freaky Friday is one of the first movies I can recall watching and it remains one of the greatest cinematic pieces of all time. Many of Anna’s outfits mirror grunge trends today. Anna was a pioneer of the little shirt big pants movement and her black belt is now seen in Urban Outfitters catalogs. Her tartan skirts and graphic tanks continue to dazzle and I’ve considered getting her chunky highlights more than I’d like to admit. For someone who switched lives with her Mom, Anna was the height of teenage style.

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