TikTok’s influence on your Individuality

TikTok has become one of the most popular apps among young people, and has been able to promote and market so many things because of the large and diverse platform it has. TikTok has grown so many small businesses and started so many trends that it’s become hard to keep up with. But has this app managed to strip people of their individuality or allow them to accept it? I think that it plays a part in both, and that fashion is the perfect way to measure it.

If you’re even slightly into fashion your for you page will include clothing hauls, outfits of the week, or just simply videos revolving around style. It all starts by just seeing an article of clothing on your for you page that you like. Next thing you know you are sending it to your friends and trying to find it on the store’s website to see if they have it in stock. But you’re not the only one feeding into this because nine times out of ten a popular video on TikTok has hundreds of thousands of likes, and a good percentage of the other people liking the video are also scouring the internet for the same piece of clothing as you. TikTok has become such a beneficial marketing tool to clothing companies because the use of this app is an extremely efficient way to market new products. This efficiency also feeds into the concept of micro-trends because within the next week there is a new top the whole internet “needs.”

But my issue here isn’t with the idea of trends on TikTok or the internet as a whole. I fully support the concept of sharing your taste and your ideas. I believe that to a certain extent style and fashion is a collaborative concept, and that bouncing ideas off each other is so important when creating your own personal taste. Without the ideas of other people fashion wouldn’t be innovative and there would be no new trends. It would make the idea of fashion dull. 

What I wanted to touch on in this article is how the same things that make fashion innovative can also allow people to rely on trends and lose their own personal taste. When scrolling through your for your page it is so easy to lose sight of your own taste and depend on what other people think is cute. You can lose your individuality and your own opinion because the view of one person who is being supported by 300 thousand others is overpowering you.

I used to think that TikTok helped me develop my own individual taste, but I soon realized that it actually only made me conform more to the style of others. My individuality flourished more through apps like Pinterest and online resale apps like Depop because I was able to gravitate towards clothes and ideas that genuinely sparked my interest. Not to discredit TikTok because it does introduce me to a lot of new style concepts, but it never fails to make me feel like I’m simply fitting a mold.

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