Style Speaks Louder Than Words

Being teenagers in this day and age, it can be difficult finding self-confidence as we’re constantly being reminded of the unrealistic beauty standards being imposed upon us. It’s not an uncommon feeling to not feel beautiful all the time when every other Tik Tok on your for you page is of a skinny girl dancing in a bikini or a cute set that’s completely out of your price range. Not to mention the fact that warmer days are on the horizon, which means bikini season. It can be hard to muster up the confidence to wear things that I love just because of my own insecurities. Long story short, It’s not an easy task to feel beautiful all of the time, which is totally normal and okay. Though I believe it’s important to be at peace and in love with being in your own skin, and that feeling is what everyone deserves to experience. 

Finding your sense of style and finding confidence through that can translate into finding confidence within yourself. As many of you all know, looking back and reflecting on horrid fashion changes made in the past, you may have already gotten a feel on what reflects your most authentic self. But it can feel like a bumpy road getting to that point; taking factors such as microtrends and influence from peers into consideration, it can be difficult to navigate and distinguish what things you do and don’t actually like. It’s a process to say the very least, but your style can speak volumes about your personality and aura as a whole. 

The key to figuring out what your style actually is, is to have your authenticity at the top of your mind when perusing through clothing. Will I feel comfortable in this? Can I genuinely see myself wearing this in confidence? Do I feel this is a reflection of who I am? Staying true to your own taste and opinions is what is going to separate you from the majority. Forcing yourself to “like” a clothing item will show through the way you wear these pieces and how you carry yourself. But if you own your outfits, knowing that you look and feel good about yourself will show through to others more than you know. Beauty is a construct, that has many different interpretations that can’t simply be confined by only certain opinions and standards. Regardless of what others may think, don’t think for a second that just because someone else might not agree with what you think is stylish does not by any means make it not. Even though some of this article might not come as new news, I hope this at this served as a reminder for most of you. As long as you remember to stand by your opinions and beliefs, and channel that through the way you portray yourself, you will be without a doubt the most beautiful person in the room!

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