Your Next Gym Fit Inspo

If you told me a year ago that going to the gym would become part of my daily routine, I’d say you were crazy. But nonetheless, here I am working out with my roommate 6 days a week…somehow. And I’m not gonna lie, getting ourselves up in the morning to go in the beginning proved quite difficult. So, how did we find the motivation? Ultimately it was the long-term hope of looking and feeling better in our bodies. But those results don’t happen immediately, so we had to find a more short-term focus to use as an incentive. Obviously, the only answer was our gym fits. Much like my normal outfits of the day, picking out a gym fit made it fun to get active. I love trying to find new color combos and accessories to make each look feel unique. Here’s a few I’ve come up with throughout the months to elevate any basic gym fit:

  1. Pop-Of-Color: Wearing all black with a pop of color in your accessories is always easy to throw together. Whether it’s your socks, hat, or shoes, you can wear this combo over and over with multiple colors and it will look different each time. You could also try this with another neutral color like all white, gray, brown, etc. 
  1. All One Color: Monochrome is another really easy fit. Even if you have different shades of the color, you can never go wrong with this concept. I like this option because it has a nice sort of cleanliness to it. I find this especially fun to piece together when I have shoes, socks or a hat that match the theme as well to make it even more elaborate. 
  1. T-Shirt Tucking: Most of my t-shirts are a little too big for my liking to wear straight down (especially if I’m wearing biker shorts like I often do), making me feel like I’m swimming in them. To help this, I like to tuck the back into whatever top I’m wearing. This makes it fit tighter everywhere, and allows for more of your bottoms to show. It’s a small, interesting touch but really makes a big difference for me personally.  You can also tuck the t-shirt in the front for the same effect.
  1. Sticking Out of Sweats: Speaking of cover ups, adding sweatpants or a cropped sweatshirt on top of your base clothes is another way to layer. What makes this extra cute is that your sports bra/leggings will stick out from under the sweatshirt/sweatpants, showing off its color/pattern. You don’t have to wear both at the same time, as I often enjoy wearing a matching set with just neutral colored, plain sweatpants so the top is fully showing and the waistband of the bottoms are showing (or vice-versa).

These ideas are pretty simple outlines that you can take and shift into whatever look you feel confident in. But no matter what you end up wearing when you workout, it’s just important that you like it. There’s no rules to what makes up a “cute gym fit.” I look forward to continuing to explore different combos with the clothes I own and finding ones that make me motivated. And I’m not normally one to constantly repeat outfits, but with the concepts I just explained, I’ve found my few go-to looks that I don’t mind rotating in week after week. 

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