Is Tab Vintage Dressing All of Hollywood?

While looking at all the incredibly innovative and exciting 2022 Oscar fashion moments, I came across a company that had a hand in providing outfits seen on the red carpet and at the Vanity Fair After Party. Tab Vintage is a company that sources stunning vintage clothing and accessories and seems to be sourcing for high-profile celebrities. I discovered that many celebrity stylists are utilizing the online store Tab Vintage to dress their clients. Tab Vintage is an online styling shop that drops weekly releases of vintage clothing, accessories, and shoes. In addition to offering these highly curated vintage pieces, Tab Vintage provides personal styling, photoshoot rentals, and private shopping appointments. On the website, you can shop from different clothing items, eras, sizes, or designers. This innovative digital vintage shop has perfectly curated designer items for people who are willing to spend a pretty penny. From Gucci to Gaultier to Halston and McQueen, Tab Vintage has every designer brand people are desperate to get a hold of. While the prices are steep, this is one of the best sources for celebrities to find vintage pieces for award season. 

Obviously buying vintage, pre-owned clothing has many benefits. Thus, I am glad celebrities have been seen taking part in the act by utilizing Tab Vintage. Sustainability is a significant positive outcome of shopping second-hand. Clothing bought second-hand is an excellent way of being eco-friendly by reducing the number of additional resources and manufacturing processes being used. In addition, sustainability reduces the use of carbon emissions, waste, water, and energy. Some celebrities, including Madelyne Cline, Kourtney Kardashian, Willow Smith, Hailey Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, and many more, have been participating in sustainability by wearing clothing from Tab Vintage. 

Tab Vintage has helped numerous celebrities find the perfect vintage pieces for any event they may have. Thus, Tab Vintage really is dressing all of Hollywood. I am thoroughly surprised that I am just now discovering this company since it has been on the scene for a while. Moreover, as vintage fashion becomes more and more popular, everyday people are desperate to get their hands on the best vintage designer finds. Tab Vintage is perfect for finding curated styles that make every day feel like a runway.  

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