Spring Shoes of the Season

Shoes of the Season

Warmer weather is slowly…and I mean slowly…creeping up on us. So, I don’t know about you, but I’m finally starting to switch out my sweaters for sleeveless tanks. The one thing I always forget to think about, though, during this seasonal shift is the shoes! With every outfit I piece together, whether it’s carefully picking an “on-trend” look or randomly throwing on the nearest sweats, I always put a lot of thought into my shoes. I think it’s important to have a few staple pairs that can go with everything. Being versatile is definitely a priority for me. So, I’ve started looking into a new pair to snatch for Spring. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve found:


  • New Balance 550
    • These go with everything. And I mean everything. There’s a small pop of color, but not enough that you need it to match the colors of your fit (unless you’re really peculiar about it). These give off a vintage feeling to me, which I love. Have you ever heard of the ‘little black dress?’ Well this is your new ‘little white sneaker!’
  • Platform Converse
    • Basic black or white platform converse (or any color if you’re searching for something bold as opposed to a neutral) are great because they not only go with everything, but they can dress down an outfit too. Wearing a dress that you want to make a little more casual? Wear Converse! And it doesn’t stop there. They go with anything in between that and a sweat set.


  • Black Loafers
    • I love these because you can wear them throughout all seasons, creating different vibes. I have a pair of black loafers from the brand Lattelier with a gold buckle that I wear ALL THE TIME! And every time I do, I get a lot of compliments. This time last year I wouldn’t have even thought about getting loafers, but this fall I became a huge fan. What can I say, my taste is always changing! 
  • Chunky Sandals
    • I would love these in a fun color to add as a cute, springy touch to all of the neutral fits I have. Personally I’d go for a pastel pink or a light green-but any color would be cute. Getting a neutral color (like black or tan) would be optimal as well. I have started to see chunky sandals pop up all over my Instagram explore page from notable companies such as Steve Madden (like the ones pictured here) and Urban Outfitters. They know what’s up!


  • Ugg Mini Boots
    • These have recently started to make a comeback and let me tell you, I’m here for it! These are a great pair to have to add a bit of flare to your comfy fits this Spring season (and beyond). I like the low cut look better than the OG tall uggs, especially during this time of year. Whether you’re lounging around your house or going out to run groceries, you can’t go wrong with them. 
  • Zara Ankle Rain Boots
    • You know what they say; “April Showers bring May Flowers.” A good pair of waterproof shoes is definitely a necessity during the Spring (and  Summer). These will not only stand out on gloomy rain days, but are also very useful. Rain Boots can be used at any time of the year, but if you haven’t gotten new ones in awhile, this may be your season!

If you’ve been looking for new shoes to snatch during your Spring wardrobe shift, I hope you found something on this list that you like. These suggestions fit all different styles and can be worn in various ways, completing whatever look you create. A few more name drops that I didn’t include in this list are Malachite Nike Low Top Dunks, Dr. Martens boots (or loafers, they’re just more expensive than the Lattelier ones I talked about above), and Reebok Club C Revenge. I hope these can help lead the way in finding YOUR 2022 Spring aesthetic.

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