Popular Jewelry and Accessories

As summer begins to creep up on us I am excited to see all the popular accessories that will make an appearance. Jewelry and accessories are simple things that can completely alter your outfit to bring it together. I’ve seen so many different accessories lately through social media apps like Instagram and TikTok, so I want to take a look at the popular trends!

The first obvious trend I’ve seen is trucker hats. I’ve been seeing trucker hats everywhere, especially John Deere ones being very popular. Another hat that has been seen with many outfits is cowboy hats or straw hats. I’ve seen cowboy hats being styled very uniquely, one being with a bright colored dress. Regular baseball hats have always been in style, so I am sure we will see many of those this summer.

As the year continues forward, I feel as if people are continuing to lean towards gold jewelry over silver. I’m sure everyone is aware of the basic popular gold hoop earrings that everyone wears. Places like Amazon sell them for very cheap and they make any outfit look so elegant. Huggie earrings also have been very big especially when it comes to stacking when you have multiple piercings.

For neck pieces, I’ve seen more and more angel number necklaces. I’ve also seen girls rocking their initials on gold piece necklaces. For regular everyday pieces I feel the Tiffany’s Double Heart Pendant will forever stay a timeless piece. 

Another trend I’ve seen is belly trends paired with bikinis. I’m not sure who started this trend, but I’ve continuously seen it on so many girls during spring break, so I’m sure this piece will be extremely popular once summer arrives. 

For hair accessories, I’m sure the infamous claw clips will continue to thrive through the summer. I’ve also seen a lot of girls on campus with shiny bright hair tinsel, which I assume will continue to see in the summer. 

These are some of the accessories I think will thrive through the summer since they have been so popular now! I think jewelry and accessories are essential pieces to add to an outfit because they completely change your outfit. Whether you have a simple outfit on or not, jewelry and accessories will pull the look together!

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