The infiltration of athletic wear on your day to day wardrobe has been so prevalent in the last few years. Casual dress has been replaced due to the practicality and comfort of athletic wear. There was once a time where jeans and t-shirt would be recognized as casual, and wearing leggings would be unacceptable unless you were going to the gym. But times have changed and athletic wear has taken over everyone’s closet. Today I am here to talk about my favorite ways to take your athleisure a step further. Drop your worn out black leggings and take a peek at my favorite and most practical things you can wear to work out, go to class, or just chill at home. 

MATCHING SETS: One of my favorite ways to incorporate athletic wear into my closet is through matching sets. I always shoot for bright and bold colors, especially during the warmer months. Pair this with a matching hat and some cute sneakers and you have a cute gym outfit or something to wear to class! I always lean towards a biker shorts set, but you can pair so many bottoms with the same colored top and appear so much more put together.

ATHLETIC DRESS: This is the perfect outfit for absolutely anything. Going on a run? Grabbing lunch? Grocery shopping? Going on a hike? No matter what, an exercise dress is such a great way to feel cute and be comfortable. And dresses are so perfect to throw on when you can’t decide what to wear because they are one and done. 

ROMPER: Like the exercise dress, a romper or a “unitard” is a super unique and stylish way to incorporate athletic wear in your everyday life. I love pairing a one-piece with a button up or a zip-up to add more dimension to the outfit. Likewise it’s the perfect opportunity to accessorize with a trucker hat or a unique bag to spice up this simple piece. 

To wrap this up, I think it’s so important to recognize that style mainly has to do with your own sense of creativity and personalized taste but a large part of what you wear also has to do with comfort, which is why I love the concept of athleisure.

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