Reusing Sweaters in Spring/Summer

As seasons change, so does your wardrobe. I mean, you’re not going to wear your wool shacket in the heat of Summer, right? But this transition doesn’t mean you have to rotate out everything. I’ve talked about layering before and how you can transform lighter layers into outfits situated for colder weather, but today I’m going to give you a few ideas on how to keep incorporating your favorite Fall/Winter sweaters into your outfits for the next several months. Within all of these suggestions, you can play around with mixing colors and patterns to achieve whatever look you are envisioning.:

  • Tied Around Your Shoulders: One outfit I can’t wait to wear this Summer is a neutral, matching set with a sweater tied over my shoulders/chest. This adds a little bit of preppy flair and utilizes it as an accessory. 
  • Cropped: You can crop your sweaters in many different ways to make it more compatible for warm weather. Without cutting it, you can easily tuck it into a  bottom layer or tie it up to crop it.
  • Over a Dress/With a Skirt: Pairing the sweater with a light, breezy piece of clothing allows for the perfect balance so you’re not too hot in the sun. If you wear it over a dress, depending on the length of the sweater, you can wear it as is, or crop it.
  • Sweater Vest: Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about these! One look I’ve been seeing recently is biker shorts worn with a plain t-shirt w/ a sweater vest over it. This gives me total ‘off-duty model’ vibes! 
  • Tied Around the Waist: This one is a classic that I’m sure everyone is already hip to. But for me personally, I have only ever tied one around my waist for convenience when I don’t want to wear it anymore and have no place to set it down. However, I am starting to get into the habit of using it as a form of accessory in this way, even if I don’t need a sweater that day at all. 
  • Tucked Into a Padded Shoulder Box Tank: A new style of shirt I have been seeing recently is a padded shoulder box tank. If the sleeves of your sweater are loose enough, you can roll them up (making sure you tuck the fabric under rather than over) to create the illusion of a padded tank. This one is a bit tricky, though, as you have to get it situated just right or it might slip down on you all day. 

Before you pack away all your Winter clothes for the year, you should definitely look for pieces-like sweaters-that you can repurpose this Spring and Summer to help expand your wardrobe without buying anymore clothes. This is something that I definitely need to work on because I’m the type of person who wants to buy a new wardrobe every season, so my ‘broke college student’ wallet LOVES these hacks!

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