What Outfits to Expect at Coachella 2022

Coachella is upon us and a huge element of the festival is the fashion. After the festival being cancelled for the past couple of years, we are expecting attendees to pull out all the stops. Here are the trends that you can expect to see in Indio Valley.


Crotchet and knit pieces have been all the rage for the past two summers. They are light and breathable which is perfect for the dessert. These pieces can come in fun colors, designs, and stiches that will look amazing at the festival. They can be paired with fun shorts, bikini tops, and cool accessories to add to the boho vibe of a crochet piece.

Cowboy Couture

Western inspired pieces have been a big trend recently. Fun cowboy boots or hats can add to any outfit and elevate it. Other western accessories such as a bandana, is perfect for keeping dust out of your face while enjoying tunes from your favorite artists.


Would Coachella really be Coachella without a bunch of glitter. From bedazzled pants to fun glitter makeup and hair this is a music festival staple. An easy way to elevate your look and add a pop to a simple outfit. You can also use jeweled body chains to add a subtle yet shiny touch to your outfits.


Leather has been a go-to fabric for the past few months, and it is guaranteed we see it at Coachella. The fabric can come in all forms from pants to corsets and bralettes, it is the perfect fabric to stay trendy at Coachella. The valley also tends to cool down quite a bit, so a leather jacket to thrown on after sunset will allow you to look cool and stay warm while enjoying some late-night performances.

These are just some of the many styles you can expect to see and  Coachella fashion is one of the most watched events of the year. The most important thing for any music festival is to express yourself and wear what you will be most comfortable in. 

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