Romanticizing Camoflage

Camouflage… definitely a tough one to ride on board with. As I’ve mentioned before in my other articles, adaptation to your surroundings revolves around all forms of culture in your spaces and this will always include fashion. There are many specifics that come to mind when I think of how my fashion has changed/adapted to my surroundings. From cowboy boots all the way to dark washed leather, there are so many ways Blacksburg has even affected my outlook and feeling about certain pieces and fashion culture. Specifically, I have been coerced into a new tie with love for camouflage. The rogueness of such a print is so prominent, regardless of how many different types and ways of doing it/putting it onto clothing and such. The rogueness in itself shows so much more of a statement than something of a more comforted way to me, even if I may be feeling more safe in it. Because of the nature around us, I progressively see more and more people wearing camouflage clothing, mainly out of practicality of course. This simple yet rugged statement of fashion is exactly what I strive for to push my own boundaries and comfort zone. While I may be brushing the paint too hard on the canvas right now, I believe it’s the mundane things such as a collective community showing disinterest in camouflage that makes me question why we do so. Is it too abstract? Do we form certain connotations between the style and its culture? I try to knock around the bush with these kinds of questions and when I find myself at its roots, I evaluate. I come from a more urban area than Blacksburg where style is a lot more progressive and complex than that of here but being a fashion connoisseur is that of being a utilitarian. When I’m faced with mainstream/unpopular styles such as camouflage, I find the best thing to do is battle my disinterest with it. Fashion is one of the biggest mediums to exist and if we can continue to relate our own cultural experiences, whether we feel it’s bound in who we are or not, I truly believe certain stigmas of that such as camouflage being too rural and unfashionable can be shot out of the window. There’s so much recognition you can give yourself and people can give you if your authenticity shines through with whatever message you bring across. With this said, this is exactly why I hope to find true love in ‘unfashionable’ fashion styles such as camouflage.

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