Five Necessities for the Blacksburg Tundra

As we approach the end of the fall 2015 semester, we will be greeted by the Blacksburg Tundra in the new year. During my freshman year, I was definitely not prepared for the harsh wind (especially when walking through the drill field), the icy bus seats, and the frozen sidewalks and stairways. After learning the [...]

Cyber Monday Deals

If you're not one to drive to the malls in the wee hours of the morning to get a couple good Black Friday deals, then today is the day for you! Here are a couple online clothing Cyber Monday deals that will only last today! Forever 21: 21% off when you spend $21 or more [...]

Vests, vests, vests

So over this past week, I've made two or three trips back and forth to Christiansburg in search of some new fall clothing items. Usually when I shop around I end up with some sort of trend (all black and white clothing, contemporary items, only dresses, etc.), and this time it just so happened to [...]

Punny Halloween Costumes

Punny Halloween Costumes

Step out of the norm of sexy halloween costumes and dress as a conversation starter! There's nothing better than wearing a punny costume and finding people who understand your humor. Here are a couple of outfit ideas for you to try this Halloweekend. Candy Rapper Grab a zip up jacket, put on a backwards hat, [...]

Summer To Fall #OOTD

One of my favorite times of the year is when the leaves begin to crisp and fall off of the trees but the weather is still warm enough to wear some of my summer wardrobe essentials. Instead of storing it all away when the temperature begins to drop,I incorporate them into my fall outfits! Here [...]