Fashion YouTubers

Fashion YouTubers

I never really watch TV anymore, instead I just watch YouTube videos. There is a whole community of YouTubers that make videos for a living about beauty and fashion. The YouTube channels that I watch consist of people that make videos about fashion, but also lifestyle and “vlog” type of videos too. Here is a [...]

Thanksgiving Style Inspiration

We are all starting to get antsy for Thanksgiving break, but it is almost here! Now we have to pack up our clothes and also find something to wear for Thanksgiving. Here are a few ideas to inspire your holiday outfit.  I would recommend not wearing anything too tight because Thanksgiving equals a lot of food!! [...]

Need To Watch: “Iris”

Everyone knows Iris Apfel, the iconic, 94 year old women with the big round glasses. Iris is known for her incredible collection of clothing and jewelry. I heard her name before and knew she was influential in the fashion industry, but never really knew her story. I recently watched her documentary on Netflix called Iris, [...]

Game Day Fashion

It’s our favorite time of year; football season! Game days are the best days and the fashion can be just as great. Normally you might get a few weird looks when wearing maroon and orange together, but here we can go all out and it looks perfectly fine. Obviously we want to be comfortable when [...]