Spreading the Holiday Fashion Tips

Christmas is now under 2 weeks away! Once that glorious day comes when we take our last final, it will be time to think of what we will wear on Christmas. Here are my tips for putting together the perfect holiday outfit... Dark green, black, and crimson are my favorite colors for Christmas. Wear simple, [...]

Red Carpet Review: The AMA’s

In case you missed it, the 2015 American Music Awards took place last weekend. The music was not the only thing that was hot that night; the red carpet was crawling with celebrities who made bold fashion statements. Here are my top 3 red carpet looks: 3) Gigi Hadid- The supermodel hit the red carpet [...]

The Quick and Easy Guide to Wearing Statement Necklaces

No matter the season, no matter the occasion, no matter the outfit, statement necklaces are a fantastic way to make your ensemble pop! They are my favorite accessory because of their versatility, femininity, and detail. Here are a few tips to pick the right necklace for your outfit: Now, go dig out those statement necklaces [...]

Make it Maroon!

Fall has officially arrived in Blacksburg! A color that I love to wear during the fall season is MAROON! Its rich shade compliments any skin tone and it is highly versatile. Plus, it is one of our school's colors! Here are some ways you can incorporate maroon into your Fall wardrobe: Stay fashionable, Hokies! ~Heather Sangalang