Hump Day Beats

Hump day is finally here! And you know what that means-- time to prepare for the amazing up coming weekend ❤ Whether you are rummaging through your closet to find the perfect downtown getup or more importantly playing dress up with your best Hokie apparel for Thursday night’s game, I have some tunes to share [...]

Keep It Cozy, Keep It Grungy

As we sink deeper into the fall semester the chilly air bites harder and the determination to stay both cozy and fashionable continues. As for the staying cozy… Music and more music is what keeps me going through the beautiful journey into the winter! Here are some of my fall favs that are sure to [...]

Music Festivals Featuring Fashion

Ever notice how the freedom of expression continued far beyond the words and music of the Legendary 1969 Rock Festival at Woodstock? A festival that has come to be seen as one of the defining events of the 1960’s is now resurfacing as a major fashion event in concert history!     The hype around [...]