Picking the Perfect Pair

The perfect pair of jeans has the power to make a woman feel invincible. Unfortunately, most of us hate shopping for denim because we can never find just the right pair. From wash to cut to fit, it can be overwhelming (and time consuming) trying to find a pair that suits you. Here's a guide to choosing a pair [...]

Get Inspired

As college students, our minds are in a thousand different places at once. We are stressing about our next test while trying to focus on the homework we're currently doing and forever longing for the weekend. It is non-stop. With our hectic lives, we naturally fall into a routine. While things are constantly changing and fast paced, there are [...]

What’s in the bag?

It's in my personality to over-prepare for practically everything in my life, so it's no surprise that this conscientious trait carries over to what I keep in my purse on a regular basis. Somehow, I managed to shorten my list to 10 items that every woman should keep in her purse. One: Lipstick Two: Chap Stick Three: Powder [...]

Blake Lively’s Announcement

Those of us who adored Blake Lively during her Gossip Girl days were delighted when she settled down with the equally as gorgeous actor, Ryan Reynolds. With two years passed since their wedding, her loving fans are even more excited that the actress-turned-entrepreneur has announced she is expecting her first child. On Monday, October 6th, Lively revealed, in the [...]

Modern Luxury: The Reinvention of Coach

After being in business for almost 75 years, it is extremely difficult to reinvent yourself as a brand. Despite the intensive process, the American luxury brand, Coach, decided it needs to do just that: reinvent itself. A few years ago, Coach executives took a step back, evaluated the company, and concluded it was time for change. Beginning in [...]