HOLIDAY DIY: Celeb-rate with Fashionable Printable Ornaments!

Celebrities in past fashion | Printable Ornaments Celebrities play a pivotal role in the realm of pop culture, especially in regards to disseminating fashion. So, as a way to spread the holiday cheer and reflect on the importance of fashion and celebrities’ roles for influence, I bring you printable ornaments! Hang them on your tree, [...]

Hidden Treasures

Hello my fellow fashionable Hokies! I hope everyone had an amazing homecoming weekend! On this beautiful Monday morning, I have decided to share four stores that I hope you love just as much as I do! To stat shopping, click on the store titles. Enjoy!* Boutique Five Boutique Five has a Forever21 meets Zara feel. The merchandise [...]

50 Shades of Fashion

Happy V-day, fashionistas! As many of you know, this year the highlight of Valentine's Day weekend is the much anticipated movie premier of 50 Shades of Grey. The movie, based on E.L. James's risque romance novel, obviously isn't getting talked up for its fashion-forward costumes. However, 50 Shades has sparked a series of fashion trends [...]

Paris Fall Fashion Week Red Carpet HOT or NOT

Paris Fall Fashion Week 2014 recently took place from September 23, 2014 to October 1, 2014. Many celebrities attended Fashion Week in Paris making quite a statement; some good, some not so good. The official VT FMDS HOT or NOT List starts here. HOT   NOT