How to Transition your Summer Pieces into Fall

How to Transition your Summer Pieces into Fall

It’s almost my favorite season of the year and you know what that means- time to buy new fall clothes! Except for one issue- I don’t have any money to spend on new clothes at the moment. The solution? Find some cute ways to keep wearing my favorite pieces from this summer! 1. Crop tops: [...]

Hidden Treasures

Hello my fellow fashionable Hokies! I hope everyone had an amazing homecoming weekend! On this beautiful Monday morning, I have decided to share four stores that I hope you love just as much as I do! To stat shopping, click on the store titles. Enjoy!* Boutique Five Boutique Five has a Forever21 meets Zara feel. The merchandise [...]

Whats #trending on campus?

As we all know, the weather can be pretty unpredictable, especially in Blacksburg. I've seem some great trends around campus that can be worn during any fall weather and they're very fashionable! Being fashion forward, comfortable, and weather appropriate is what it's all about in college! Tops: I've seen a lot of long sleeves being [...]

How to Dress for the Blacksburg Tundra

That time of year is unfortunately upon us. As some of you may know, winter in Blacksburg can be pretty gruesome.  Fortunately, your style doesn't have to suffer due to the drop in temperature. Below are  a few of my essentials to staying warm and fabulous this winter. ----------------------------------------------- Lovely Layers Layers are essential to [...]

50 Shades of Fashion

Happy V-day, fashionistas! As many of you know, this year the highlight of Valentine's Day weekend is the much anticipated movie premier of 50 Shades of Grey. The movie, based on E.L. James's risque romance novel, obviously isn't getting talked up for its fashion-forward costumes. However, 50 Shades has sparked a series of fashion trends [...]