Outfit Alter Ego: ♛ Rock n’ Roll Princess ♕

Outfit Alter Ego: ♛ Rock n’ Roll Princess ♕

Constantly adorned in glitter and grunge, lace and leather, Her head piled high with a crown of plaited hair, Her lips stained by the deepest of wines, Her cheekbones illuminated by the spotlight, The croons of Joan Jett and Janis Joplin understood her rebellious spirit, She preferred spice over everything nice, She had a free-spirit [...]

50 Shades of Fashion

Happy V-day, fashionistas! As many of you know, this year the highlight of Valentine's Day weekend is the much anticipated movie premier of 50 Shades of Grey. The movie, based on E.L. James's risque romance novel, obviously isn't getting talked up for its fashion-forward costumes. However, 50 Shades has sparked a series of fashion trends [...]

Style Influences

Style Influences It can be as easy as seeing a girl sporting clear frames around her eyes at the show last night; she convinced you that you had vision problems. Therefore, you would be denying yourself a basic human necessity should you not immediately purchase those glasses. Or, it was scrolling through Pinterest where you [...]

DIY & Rip It Up

Happy Thanksgiving Eve loves! I Hope everyone has allowed the cozy to set in and is enjoying some quality family time ❤ I don't know about you guys but with this extra time on my hands I have caught the DIY fever! How many times this season have you been shopping and found the perfect [...]

Grunge Style Steal

  The combined feeling of envy and desire you feel when witnessing a particularly lovely outfit; your heart beats faster, your mind begins bombarding you with questions- “Where did she buy that?” “How much did it cost?” We’ve all experienced it. Whether you want to draw inspiration from the look or want to purchase the [...]