Will We See These 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends in 2022?

Will We See These 2021 Men’s Fashion Trends in 2022?

One of the best and worst things that happen each year is a new fashion trend being made or rediscovered. That feeling of wearing something unique whether it be a different cut of denim, style of clothing, or accessory can really make you feel special, but once people catch on, it's over. I don't know [...]

Attention all Sneaker Heads: The Wait is Over

Check out this post from WDS Insider Tyleik Edmunds The Sneaker Head community is steadily growing and there’s constant competition to see who has the most heat in their arsenal. Whether you’re a Jordan Retro guy or just like being comfortable in your New Balances you can easily become a member of the family. Since [...]

Hidden Treasures

Hello my fellow fashionable Hokies! I hope everyone had an amazing homecoming weekend! On this beautiful Monday morning, I have decided to share four stores that I hope you love just as much as I do! To stat shopping, click on the store titles. Enjoy!* Boutique Five Boutique Five has a Forever21 meets Zara feel. The merchandise [...]

Conquering Social Media, One Unfashionable Dad at a Time

This year is bringing new faces and new inspiration for men’s fashion. Racking up over 68,000 followers on Instagram already, @fashiondads_ is killin’ it in fashion on social media. This viral account is responsible by none other than the creatives, Ashley Hesseltine (@ashhess) and Travis May (@travismay), that brought the Instagram account @BrosBeingBasic which has [...]