My Top 5 Hair Necessities

My Top 5 Hair Necessities

I don't use too many hair products because I don't want to damage my hair at an early age. However, I have noticed that these following products have made my hair look and feel a lot better... Paul Mitchell Spray Wax- This is my favorite curling product. I hate using hair spray because it makes [...]

Bring on the Boots

When the temperatures drop, boots are my go-to shoes. They're comfy and stylish all at the same time. Here is my guide for how to pair the right boots with the right outfit... Tall boots - When wearing leggings and a chunky/flowing top, wear tall boots. They create balance and contrast in your outfit. Ankle [...]

Thrifting Tips

  How inconvenient is it to talk about fabulous thrift finds without actually disclosing the tricks of the trade. The secret to earning the loosely used, but highly bragged about title of "Thrift Queen" without actually having solid methods to back up such a claim?- Well, this is it. Here my love of unique finds [...]