Bring on the Boots

When the temperatures drop, boots are my go-to shoes. They're comfy and stylish all at the same time. Here is my guide for how to pair the right boots with the right outfit... Tall boots - When wearing leggings and a chunky/flowing top, wear tall boots. They create balance and contrast in your outfit. Ankle [...]

Five Necessities for the Blacksburg Tundra

As we approach the end of the fall 2015 semester, we will be greeted by the Blacksburg Tundra in the new year. During my freshman year, I was definitely not prepared for the harsh wind (especially when walking through the drill field), the icy bus seats, and the frozen sidewalks and stairways. After learning the [...]

How to Dress for the Blacksburg Tundra

That time of year is unfortunately upon us. As some of you may know, winter in Blacksburg can be pretty gruesome.  Fortunately, your style doesn't have to suffer due to the drop in temperature. Below are  a few of my essentials to staying warm and fabulous this winter. ----------------------------------------------- Lovely Layers Layers are essential to [...]

DIY Mug fit for a goddess

A DIY project can be very simple, or it can involve you making numerous trips to your local Home Depot or Lowe's carrying ambitious hopes and purchasing tools you otherwise thought were nonexistent. Well, as long as a Wal-Mart is nearby, (which we all know is very likely, where aren't they these days..), then you [...]